Welcome To enact wellness solutions

We are MORE THAN a weight loss program … We are MORE THAN a fitness routine ... We are MORE THAN a gym … Enact is changing lives through education, motivation, and community.

There is a huge gap in America between the action of fitness and understanding of wellness. We strive to close this gap with education through one-on-one relationships, seminars, and hands-on-training, including cooking and nutrition. Our clients develop a complete understanding of what wellness is, where they want to be, what they want to change, and all the steps to meet their goals.


our vision

to make wellness achievable for all by building a community around healthy and happy lifestyles.



To give people of all ages a unique, fun, personal, and inviting experience with sound direction in wellness. Our trainers create a professional and caring environment dedicated to their clients’ needs. Wellness is the passion of all our employees, from certified trainers to health consultants. We support our clients’ goals through not only one-on-one coaching, but also providing educational seminars and nutrition support. By providing opportunities such as community events, our clients are served with ongoing accountability.


what we do

We seek to inspire complete health in the lives of the people worldwide, whole families, and communities.


our services

We provide a high-level of customer care currently unseen in the fitness industry today. We do this at an affordable and competitive price to reach as many people as possible. 


how we do it

We create and provide job opportunities for a variety of health, nutrition, and fitness professionals. Working at Enact is fun, fulfilling, and inspiring as we change our clients’ lives. Thinking big with social media, we intend to make a large impact in the immediate community, while spreading our distinct and irresistible passion throughout the country. Soon Saint Charles County, Missouri, will be known as a responsive, health-conscious community.