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mary streeter, zumba instructor

I am very happily married to best friend for 13 years. We have 2 amazing children, a 9 year old son, and a 2 year old daughter. We have 2 dogs, and 1 guinea pig. I love getting outside with family for long bike rides, and hikes at any park.  I am currently licenced to teach Zumba,  Zumba Kids and Kids JR, Zumba Gold,  and Strong by Zumba. I also have my CPR/AED/First aid certifications.


emma ginder, doula services

Emma is a local birth and postpartum doula who is passionate about helping families flourish through every aspect of their parenting journey. Pre and postnatal fitness is one of her favorite ways to help birthing parents prepare and repair. By honing in on your body and helping you build the strength you need for pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting Emma is here to help! 


kinsey reyes, pound instructor/personal trainer

Hi! I am Kinsey Reyes! I developed a love for fitness after having my 4th pregnancy in a span of 4years. My body was totally thrown out of wack and I began a search to find a fitness program that worked for me and that led to a passion for health and wellness, specifically the connection not just with the body,  but your mind and soul as well. I have been involved with personal training but my main focus has been teaching POUND. I have been involved with this particular fitness program for 5 years and I love introducing this fun and effective workout to people in all levels of fitness.  I'm excited to be a part of Enact Wellness and the vision the company has for bettering the people and community around us! 

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joe huskey, trainer

In his five years of experience, Joe has helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals. These goals are met by believing physical strength positively impacts every area of your life. When he’s not helping his clients get ridiculously strong and sexy, he spends too much time acting like his dog (Oakley) is his child. He specializes in helping professional men gain confidence in all aspects of their lives using health and fitness as the catalyst.


mike guthery, massage therapist/personal trainer

My name is Mike Guthery and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer.  My goal with Genuine Therapy is to give each of my clients a genuine wellness experience.  I have been involved in sports most of my life, playing football, wrestling, and lifting weights.  I know what real physical pain and stress feel like and I can offer you great relief from your aches and discomforts.

In our modern day society the world seems to be spinning faster than ever; every moment of our days are now packed with activities.  Finding a quiet moment has been made harder with the advent of iPhones and iPads, text messaging, Nintendo Wii and the many other technological advances we now consider normal.

Since ancient times Massage Therapy has been a proven method for relieving stress.  There are many situations where one may feel they have no other option than to coat their ache, stress or discomfort with a prescription or non prescription pill.  The truth is, the calming use of applying hands to the body can bring more lasting remedy to such a situation than drugs.


nutrition counseling

are you at a loss when it comes to what to eat?  We are now offering online personalized nutrition counseling for a low monthly fee for anyone who needs extra guidance, structure, and accountability with their food.

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Kokondo (2).jpg

Kokondo Martial Arts applies traditional techniques to modern situations. These techniques allow students to successfully defend themselves against larger and stronger attackers. 

  • All physical abilities encouraged! 

  •  Kids accompanied by adults are welcome. 

  •  No contracts! 

  •  Learn to protect yourself in variousreal-life scenarios. 

  •  Defend against strikes, grabs, multiple attackers, and weapons. 

  •  Improve mental and physical dexterity. 

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Chris Dodds has been studying Kokondo karate since 1997 and is currently ranked Sandan (3rd degree black belt).  In addition to being an assistant instructor for several years, Mr. Dodds participates in several Kokondo seminars across the country each year as well as holding periodic self-defense classes for various groups. 


Sarah Johnson

America Heart Association – CPR/AED Certified

Barre Above – Barre Certified

Sarah Johnson began her journey into wellness as a longtime client of Jessica White’s. After three high risk pregnancies and years of living with chronic pain, she took steps to improve her quality of life. Now that she’s lost nearly seventy pounds through a healthy diet and routine exercise, Sarah works for Enact Wellness Solutions because she has firsthand experienced its positive changes. With her background in dance, Pilates, and figure skating, she enjoys teaching Barre Above and looks forward to helping others reach their wellness goals.


The Pandemic Stress Problem

Everyone has a pattern of tension in their life stemming back to our ancestral fight-or-flight reaction to stress depending on their dominant brain.  For example, in times past the threat of a predator (stressor) would cause the body take draw energy from one side of the body and tense up on the other side (result) in order to throw a spear.  Today, we have modern stressors in our lives; finances, relationships, politics, travel, low nutrition food, etc...even the very air we breathe is toxic and causes tension.  We are surrounded by stressors that have caused constant cellular fight-or-flight reactions in people. 

Why Lifewave

The Lifewave Machine is unique in that it uses a high-speed, directional wave motion along the para-spinal muscles where typical massage tables use chaotic pounding movements.  It's much like dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripples go everywhere, even colliding with other ripples. The Lifewave machine causes a directional wave to move through your body and each contact is synchronized across the entire machine.  Why is this wave motion important?  It increases blood circulation throughout the body and it moves stagnant lymph fluid.  It brings the body into balance and harmony. It brings flexibility and mobility.  It helps people come to a place of relaxation and tranquility.  While Chiropractic therapy is good, Lifewave enhances the experience.  Imagine the difficulty of adjusting someone while they're tense and full of stress.  Before the adjustment, Lifewave relaxes the stressed muscle pattern making the adjustment process incredibly easy.  Put the patient back on the machine after the adjustment and they will walk out of the office feeling better than they have ever felt.  As a matter of fact, we just visited the head of rehab at Logan University, the largest chiropractic university in the country.  They experienced the machine and couldn't believe the results.  Turns out even chiropractors need the machine!  They will be introducing Lifewave to athletes that they treat at Mizzou and SIUE along side of Enact Wellness Solutions. We are seeing a huge growth in performance and range of motion and quicker recovery time in athletes and also a large decrease in injury because the body is even and loose.  Just this week, we visited a local chiropractor in St. Charles to demonstrate the effects.  They were so impressed they allowed a few of their patients to experience it prior to the adjustment.  Not only did the patients feel better, but the chiropractor stated it was the easiest adjustment they've done.  We then followed the adjustment with another quick session and the patient said they have never felt this good.

The Experience

Massage therapists, chiropractors, physical trainers, physical therapists, movement specialists have all experienced the results of Lifewave.  And you can try to explain what it feels like to someone, the wave of energy flowing through your body as it wakes up and tension leaves, but it's something that just needs to be experienced first-hand.  

Quality of Life

Literally, everyone needs Lifewave once or twice a week.  The best place to start is partnering with health and wellness practitioners because that is currently where people go when they want to feel better.  However, the opportunity to help people experience better quality of life is quite literally everywhere. The Lifewave Machine is the result of Dr. Ian Reinbott's 45 year quest to develop the best way to help relieve the effects of stress and tension in people's lives.